Measurable Solutions, Inc.

From the desk of Shaun Kirk, MHS, PT, MTC,
Co-Founder, Measurable Solutions, Inc.

Hello, and thanks for visiting my blog.

As a physical therapist, I have always considered my skills to be excellent. But it wasn’t driving new patients to my door. I needed help.

I had reason for my difficulties. There were 26 physical therapy practices located within a 3-mile radius with 14 of them on the same street within those 3 miles. I was also feeling the pressures of managed healthcare. I felt it was getting the best of me.

I found out that something could be done to turn my practice around. I learned some basic marketing tools that permitted my practice to grow without having to meet with doctors because at that time the thought of soliciting the referrals from physicians was terrifying to me. In fact, we tripled our production in 3 months and continued to skyrocket from there. Ultimately I expanded my practice nine-fold.

I finally did sell my practice to a large healthcare corporation (after being sought by many) in February 1998. The company wanted me to stay in its corporate ranks but I decided against it.

I have spent several years educating myself in a management technology that works; now I share it with others. I have teamed up with Jeff F. Lee to establish Measurable Solutions. Jeff has over 20 years experience in training healthcare professionals in administration, including physical therapists.

Our company is called Measurable Solutions for a reason. If you have a problem which becomes solved what should happen? Expansion of your company! We measure that expansion! You will know in weeks that you have been helped.

If you want to expand, let us show you how to do it quickly and regain the joy you felt when you first started your practice.


Shaun Kirk, M.H.S., P.T., M.T.C.
Co-Founder, Measurable Solutions, Inc.

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