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Beating the Competition

One of the first steps needed to beat the competition is knowing how to play the game.  I am sure you can do whatever services you provide rather well – you’ve gone to college or got trained extensively, invested money and time on being an expert on getting that aspect of the job completely understood.  Now that you are a business owner and not just an accountant, financial planner, medical billing specialist, physical therapist, dentist or other professional, you have also inherited a multitude of other tasks or “hats” that you must become a professional in handling in your business.  Some business owners have so many “hats” that you wear that they are stacked up to the ceiling.

Unfortunately there is little that you learned in your training to become a professional in your craft that would help you succeed as a business owner.  You paid probably over $100,000 to be very proficient in your profession.  How much money have you spent becoming the CEO of your business or in learning how to market your practice and create word of mouth?  How much know-how do you have there?  You can be the most competent professional in your area and still go broke if you don’t learn how to get that “secret” out.

The problem is this:  your community, your various referral sources and even your clients and your patients don’t truly know what you do; they don’t know what kind of results you get.  If you were to grab a clipboard and go walking down the street or contact other business owners who could refer you business and ask, “What do you think an accountant or financial planner or physical therapist or your profession DOES?”  Do you know what you would find?  You may be shocked to find that most people do not know what you do or what your profession is capable of delivering.  They have a minimal view of your profession and they generally do not think that what you do is for them.  What if everybody in your town knew what results you could get and what kind of services your company was capable of delivering?  Do you think you’d have any problem getting new business?  I don’t think so.

Shaun Kirk www.measurable-solutions.com

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