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Do you get blamed when your clients do not know how to run their own business?

Our company started out working with physical therapists that are in private practice.  One thing that we commonly saw was that those who were poor business owners would continually blame any professional that they worked with for their lack of results.

I’ll give you some examples: 

A healthcare practice owner who cannot increase his new patients coming into the practice and his numbers are dwindling will blame his billing company for his lack of revenue.

A business owner who does not know how to manage his or her finances effectively will have difficulty paying the tax man and thus blame his CPA for poor tax advice or by suddenly surprising him with a “huge” tax bill.  He should have known it was coming.

A business owner who can never make enough money to put any reserves aside will sometimes criticize his Financial Advisor claiming that he is only after his money, yet he doesn’t have any.

The best way to not get blamed for your clients’ inability to manage their business is to make sure that they are tackling their problems head-on.  When you interview a would-be client find out as much as you can about their business.  Find out the company’s rate of expansion or decline.  If you find he is doing well then find out how he does it.  If you find out he is doing poorly then find out his plans to handle it.

I’m not saying that you wouldn’t work with business owner who wasn’t doing well or seems to be somewhat ineffective in managing his business; I’m just saying that you would more than likely know if he would blame you later if he were to experience even more difficulty.  If you were able to figure out how to help him not only with your services but somehow with his business you may likely have this client forever.

Shaun Kirk www.measurable-solutions.com

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