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The “Endurance Method” Doesn’t Work Any Longer

Many business owners are specialists in their chosen profession.  If you are an accountant, financial planner, physical therapist, medical billing specialist, dentist, doctor or even run a lawn service then you are likely more trained to provide these services than you were trained to run a business successfully.  It is unfortunate, but I believe that there are more factors working against business owners than for them.  The school of hard knocks has a very high tuition.  The “endurance method” of business survival is more a thing of the past.  What I mean by the “endurance model” is that those who can just hang in there long enough will eventually learn the necessary skills to make it by trial and error.  Who has time for that these days?

I am a physical therapist who started out in business attempting to grow my own private practice.  I truly thought that simply being the best physical therapist I could be was all that I needed to succeed in private practice.  I was wrong.  I was on a quest to add as many letters after my name so that I would stand above others.  I knew THAT would work.  I again was wrong.  I am not knocking any professional who is working on any advanced certification or degree as long as you are doing it for the right reasons – to become the best professional you can and not to consider that that alone will get you more new business or patients.

Unfortunately, in my job as a management consultant I have spoken to thousands of business owners across the US and Canada and there are some (and you know if it is you) that sought advanced degrees, training or certification hoping that that would make you or your business more desirable and that that would boom your business. If that was you I imagine you too were disappointed that that did not create a well-beaten path of new clients, patients or referrals to your door.  Something was missing.  Others have certainly found it and it is time you did.

Enjoy reading the other articles.  I hope they enlighten you and can help you to easier reach your goals.

Shaun Kirk

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