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I Can’t Sign Them Up

Marketing is one thing and sales is something entirely different. If you are good at marketing potential customers and can get them to contact your company you can still go broke if you can’t close them to buy your services, become a client or even accept your offer of employment.

Successful marketing can be defined as the actions your company takes on to create a broad demand for your services. Effective marketing is not determined by hit and miss actions but by careful survey of what your potential customers and clients need and want in regard to the services you have to offer. Knowing this surveyed data can make the sales cycle go much more smoothly.

Many people identify sales with marketing so intimately that they consider that they are the same and lump sales and its technology into the subject of marketing. This is wrong.

Sales as a subject are the actions that strengthens the demand that marketing creates and moves your client over to the point where he is willing to exchange funds for the services you have to offer.

Many people believe that price is greatest determining factor on a sale. It is not. The greatest determining factor is not your rates or fees. It is truly determined in the eyes of your prospect in their confidence that YOU can deliver what you promise. That’s all.

How you inspire the confidence in your prospect that your firm can deliver what is needed and wanted is the true mark of a good salesman. The actual delivery of a very high quality service is the true test of the long-term viability of any organization. I’ll cover more on that subject later. Let’s get back to the subject of sales.

Sales is simply a series of agreements made between the prospect and the salesman who may also play the role of a CFP, a CPA, a medical biller, dentist or whatever professional. During your first encounter with a would-be client you most likely will cover the full scope of what your company can do to help the client in the attainment of his or her goals. You will answer all their questions and if all goes according to plan you will leave with a signed contract and a new client which is the finale in the series of agreements. You now have another new client. It’s all about agreements big and small.

Have you ever noticed when you failed to sign up a potential client you can usually spot something that you had said that the would-be client did not necessarily agree with your view? You broke the series of agreements and that’s why you failed to get a new client.

Here is an important thing to walk away with here: If you go over something with a prospect and by what they say or how they act you perceive they are not in agreement DO NOT continue on with your presentation. It will likely be in this area that holds the reason the prospect did not sigh up. What you should do instead if this happens is to get the would-be client’s views about the disagreement and do all you can to handle it. If you learn how to gain maximum agreement you will significantly increase your client base.

To your success!

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