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Private Practice Management Tip – Do it now!

I say commonly in seminars I deliver that you will put yourself through more concentrated hell by NOT facing something than you ever will by actually facing it.

Have you ever fired someone?  Just how long did you wait before you actually pulled the trigger?  Did you lay awake at night working out the conversation in your head over and over.  You say this and then they will say that.  Then the next day comes and you chicken out.  The staff member who is actually causing you the grief is not experiencing any stress YOU ARE!

I am not saying it is easy.  It never is really.  Oftentimes that other staff members will see that you aren’t handling someone and they too know you’re a chicken as well.  You don’t want that.

The analogy I use most is the feeling of freedom you experience when you are on a great vacation.  You don’t have a worry in the world and then you come back home and into the office.  You find that you have a staff member who runs with scissors and eats crayons but you really don’t want to deal with it.  You will begin to feel stress.  Next you see that your collections are crashed and instead of tackling it head on you “hope” it will get better.  Your stress builds.

I see practice after practice who are experiencing a reduction in referrals and do NOTHING ABOUT IT!  Believe me THAT is not the secret to a stress-free private practice owner.  Doing something about it is always better than nothing.

Do you ever feel like you “should” go out and knock on doors and visit doctors but you just don’t want to?  If this is you, then your stress is building.  Go out and bang on a few doors.  Even if you do this poorly you will at least know that you are doing something about.

The best stress reliever is DOING SOMETHING and never just thinking you SHOULD do something.

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